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Imagine being right in the heart of the wilderness with a Tanzania Camping Safari that brings an unforgettable up-close and personal experience of the African bush. Kongoni Adventures is devoted to promoting three types of Camping Safaris; Budget Camping for the adventure traveler, Standard Camping for those seeking some degree of comfort, and Luxury Camping for the best camping experience one can have. By and large, all of our programmes are custom designed to fit the requirements of our customers.

A Typical Day on a Tanzania Camping Safari
At the break of dawn, the shifting colors of the morning sun luminate the acacia landscape. The savannah is bright red, then orange and finally settling to a golden hue as the grassland comes to life. You begin your day by taking a short walk just to awaken your spirit.

Upon your return, a full English breakfast is served in the open under a morning breeze. Soon, you embark on a morning game drive, where you are treated to the rich tapestry of habitats teeming with wildlife and exotic birds.

You return to the campsite at midday for lunch under the shade of a Baobab tree. A tasty meal with fresh vegetable and tropical fruit is served. After, a siesta is as welcoming as a gaze over the seemingly endless plains sprawling for miles on end.

Soon, it will be time for an exciting afternoon game drive. The game viewing is abundant with lions, hippos, rhinos, cheetahs, buffaloes and giraffes just beyond your wondering eyes. Under the dazzling colors of sunset, you return to the campsite where your take a warm shower and wait for another adventure.

Your safari cook anxiously awaits your arrival at the dinner table immaculately set next to a crackling campfire underneath the brilliant canopy of stars.  While you dine on a five-course safari cuisine, gazelles make their way to a favorite watering hole while curious baboons sniff the aroma of the rich Tanzanian coffee in your cup.

After dinner, an evening of stories and tails is shared by the flickering campfire as relationships cement and memories forged forever in the African wilderness. As night falls, you head to your tent for a well deserved rest.

While you drift off to sleep under the canvas tent, you hear lions roar and a hyena’s mating call in the distance. It’s nothing to be startled about, as a ranger stands guard throughout the night. As the whispering wind blows, tenderly brushing the tents you are gently lured into a deep sleep.

The midnight coolness punctuated with the occasional echo ushers in the wee hours of morning. After a peaceful night, the terrain begins to slowly come to life again, as you awaken for a new day of discovery.

There’s no better way than Camping in Tanzania to experience the true essence of the African wilderness. If you befit a person who respects nature and wants to experience the African bush in its unique environment, please contact us to arrange a tailor-made adventure for you. 

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